Calling for family recipes!

Happy Spring!

Here in Seattle the cherry trees, daffodils and tulips are blooming. I enjoy my daily walk so much this time of year. I’ve been trying to get out every day for fresh air and to clear my head after getting my word counts in.

Once I hit the three-thousand words written mark, I can quit for the day and do my exercise or catch up on the hundred other things on my list. Being a writer is not just writing! Regardless, getting outside is great motivation to stay #ButtInSeat.

I hope you’re enjoying spring as much as I. What’s blooming in your part of the world?

Big changes are coming up for my day-to-day routine. Emerson, my fourteen-year-old is returning to real school four days a week. This means we have to be out of the house by seven a.m. We’re not used to rising so early since we’ve been in lock-down for over a year. Hopefully, I won’t fall asleep at my desk.

Ella, my eighteen-year-old had her wisdom teeth out a few days ago. The drugs they gave her made her really funny. Frustrated that we couldn’t understand her with the gauze in her mouth, Ella started using sign language. Sadly, neither the nurse nor I had any idea what she was saying, other than the thank you sign. On the drive home, Ella started going on and on about how I don’t have enough first aid supplies in the house and that she’s the only one who cared about that in the entire family. What makes that even funnier is that Cliff has two of everything, including first aid supplies.

Calling For Family Recipes!

If you’re familiar with my Emerson Pass Series then you’ve met Lizzie, the Barnes’ family cook. In The Patron, coming May 18, 2021, Lizzie’s box of recipes will be found by one of her descendants. The only problem? I need recipes.

So, dig out those family secret recipes and send them my way. You’ll be credited in the back of the book along with whatever fun family anecdote you want to share. For fictional purposes, they’ll be included in the story itself as Lizzie’s recipes. Want to join the fun? Send your recipe to and be sure to tell us why it’s special to you.

To be eligible for consideration, please subscribe to my newsletter here or join me in my Facebook group Patio Chat here. I can’t wait to get these recipes!

2 thoughts on “Calling for family recipes!”

  1. Dean Finke says:

    When reading The Patron on Kindle unlimited I found the family recipes but returned the book. I have put the book back on my Kindle but now I cannot find the family recipes after Lizzie”s letters. Are they in certain publications only of The Patron. I am interested in the simple pecan balls (Crescent something in the title, located near the beginning) and the Pecan Pie recipes. Can you e-mail these two recipes?

    Thank You!!

    1. MaryAnn Schaefer says:

      I’m emailing the recipes to you now. I hope you enjoy them!

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