Legley Bay Series #1
January 16, 2017

Caramel and Magnolias

An unorthodox arrangement creates the family Sylvia so desperately wants. But everything beings to unravel when a pregnant teen is found murdered. As Seattle detective Peter Ball pieces the crime together, he uncovers deception and an illegal adoption that threatens to destroy a family and rip motherhood from Sylvia’s grasp.

Once again bestselling author Tess Thompson serves up suspense with life lessons in a captivating tale about the possibilities that await all of us in life and love, if only we’re brave enough to accept that it’s never too late to reawaken the heart.

Originally published January 2013 in trade paperback by Libertary Company and reissued November 2016 in eBook by 4kids5cats.

“This novel kept me so engaged I read the whole thing in one night. This author has a talent for developing characters that are so believable and also somehow speak directly to you. The storyline takes you through fun travels, suspenseful twists and heart-clenching moments. Its everything I look for in a good book. I think it takes a real talent to build characters that really speak to your own experiences yet are so likeable you root for them from beginning to end. And to have love, spice, romance, suspense, action all in one book just makes this all the more enjoyable.” Amazon Reviewer

“This book is written as an ensemble piece – the points of view of three characters that have been wounded in love are highlighted and provide the majority of the `feel’ for the plot. While it starts as a mystery, the romantic interludes soon take over and the story takes on a whole different feel. Tess Thompson has created incredibly realistic characters, with real and tangible issues, concerns and fears that are easy for the reader to relate to. Set in the lushly defined and described Pacific Northwest, the intersection of the stories all worked together to enrich the impact of each individual’s personal story.” Top 100 Amazon Reviewer (Gayle)

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