Cliffside Bay #1-3
February 6, 2019
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Available in: Audio

Cliffside Bay Bundle, Volumes 1-3

USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson welcomes you back to Cliffside Bay to explore the rich, heartwarming stories of the characters who brightened the original five novels in the series. Each book in the Cliffside Bay Series is intended to be read and enjoyed as a sweet standalone, but for maximum enjoyment read this binge-worthy series in order.

From USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson comes a trio of sweet standalone romances set in an idyllic coastal town full of charming and colorful characters whose journeys warm the heart and touch the soul.

Traded: Brody and Kara
(originally published November 2016 in trade paperback and reissued February 2018 in eBook)

Meet Brody Mullen and Kara Eaton as they overcome their protective instincts and learn to wholly trust one another as they fall in love.

Deleted: Jackson and Maggie
(originally independently published May 2018 in eBook)

Embrace freedom from the painful past with Jackson Waller and Maggie Keene, who unexpectedly receive a second chance to write their own story.

Jaded: Zane and Honor
(originally independently published July 2018 in eBook)

And celebrate with Zane Shaw and Honor Sullivan when they realize that their imperfections are what makes each of them perfect for the other.

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