Cliffside Bay #14
March 1, 2020

Departed: David and Sarah

When the scandal of a lifetime leaves Sara Ness widowed with a baby daughter to raise alone, she retreats from her feelings and her life, hiding away in Cliffside Bay. Yet in spite of her brand new home with no memories of her painful past, her attempts to drown her sorrow and rage in an endless stream of chocolate and online shopping fail miserably. At the request of her best friend, the heiress eventually joins a grief support group where she discovers that she and the one man she cannot stand have more in common than either could have imagined.

In the wake of his wife’s death, architect David Perry accepts a partnership at Wolf Enterprises and promptly moves his son and daughter to be near what’s left of their family. Despite difficult clients like the spoiled Sara Ness, work and his children fill David’s days easily. But the pain of his personal tragedy, always creeping in during the quiet, lonely nights, forces David to seek help from a local grief support group. Can he face down his demons and also embrace the unexpected possibilities for his future?

The final installment of the wildly popular Cliffside Bay Series weaves a heartwarming enemies-to-lovers tale in the style readers have grown to expect from USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson, with richly developed characters, a setting to marvel at, and the ultimate life lesson about true love’s never-ending ability to bridge the gaps that we all too often allow to divide us.

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