River Valley Series #2
March 22, 2018


Annie Bell just wants to do the two things she loves: cook and care for her young son. So when she lands the role as head chef at a new restaurant, she fails to anticipate how quickly things change as her talent for cooking puts her quaint hometown on the map.

Amidst a flurry of publicity, Annie finds herself back in the sights of the abusive ex-boyfriend she thought she’d left behind. He wants nothing more than to make Annie pay, and she knows his threats are more than empty promises. Reluctantly, Annie accepts the help of a handsome, wealthy recluse, hoping to ensure the safety of her little family. But things aren’t always as they seem, and as Annie ultimately learns, her would-be hero has a dark past of his own.

Originally published May 2013 in hardcover by Booktrope and November 2016 in eBook by 4kids5cats.

“This is a story to read when you want a solid dose of good-overcoming-evil, a romantic tale with a protective hero and a thoroughly hissable villain, or when you just want to be surrounded by a group of people who, though fictional, manage to surround the reader with a sense of cheerful, welcoming warmth.” Indie Reader Review

“None of her characters are perfect. They are all flawed and have pasts that affect them in one way or another. They are real. They are a dramatized version of you, me, your best friend, or your next door neighbor. They have real problems that they have to face in order to move forward with life. They are tough and find a way to make it through life struggles, not because there is a promise of something better at the end, but because it is the only thing they know to do. They survive and in surviving they learn to love and laugh again.” Gin’s Book Notes

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