River Valley Series #3
March 22, 2018


Bella Webber is reeling from the end of the most toxic relationship of her life. In an effort to regroup, she ventures to the small town of River Valley to work on a movie filming there. A chance encounter with a strikingly handsome business executive has her falling instantly and unexpectedly in love.

But the object of Bella’s affection soon finds himself at the center of a murder investigation, accused of the crime and under arrest. Convinced of his innocence and hopelessly in love, Bella bands together with friends to find the real killer, facing her biggest fear to ensure the truth is revealed.

Originally published February 2014 in trade paperback by CreateSpace and November 2016 in eBook by 4kids5cats.

“Just when I wondered if Tess Thompson’s amazing storytelling could get any better, she delivers Riverstar. This brings all of the best characters from her previous novels together into a final amazing murder, mystery, love story, adventure. Her characters are so real I continue to feel they are close friends, cheering them on. And once again once I started, I could not stop. This lady is a truly amazing talent, hope she has started her next, I need more!!!!!” Amazon Reviewer

“River Valley is such a charming setting for this series and makes one feel that anything is possible. The way all the characters grow and develop adds a great deal to each book and the story line. I cannot wait for the next book and if you enjoy well written and well defined characters who make you feel like you want to go there and be there friend then these books are for you!!!!” Amazon Reviewer

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