Legley Bay Series #2
January 16, 2017

Tea and Primroses

Constance Mansfield had a perfect life: a successful writing career, a beloved daughter, a beautiful home, loving friends, and perhaps most importantly, her privacy. But after Constance is killed, her grieving daughter Sutton begins to unravel her mother’s secrets amidst the grief of unexpected loss. And it seems that Constance’s privacy was not for her protection, but for something — or someone — else entirely.

As Sutton struggles to answer the questions about her mother’s emotional walls, she finds herself craving the comfort of her past. A past that includes Declan Treadwell. But for all the relief Declan could bring, he’s the last person Sutton wants to see. Forced to face both the pain of lost love and the mystery of her mother’s complicated life, can Sutton emerge stronger than before? Or will life’s tragedies be her undoing?

Originally published February 2014 in trade paperback by Booktrope and reissued November 2016 in eBook by 4kids5cats.

“Tea and Primroses was about love, family and friendships with a hint of mystery. It is written in a way that brings out emotions in the reader. The author does a wonderful job expressing the importance of Constance and Patrick’s story and how it relates to Sutton and Declan story. This book had well-developed characters with a consistent storyline. I was intrigued with Constance and Patrick’s story and could not put the book down. After reading Tea and Primroses, I am on a mission to read more of the Legley Bay collection. I recommend this book to others.” —A&RBC Reviews “Tea and Primroses is a number of stories, beautifully combined into a powerful book. Two bittersweet tales of lost love and tragedies intertwine with friendship and family, without feeling contrived or forced, and form the soul of this book. Enduring friendships and loyalty are as much a part of the story as the love stories. Characters are three dimensional and well developed. Tess made me laugh and cry, and at one point I spit water on the cat laughing. The father-daughter scene and mother-daughter scenes resonated with me. Powerfully written, but not overdone.” —Amazon Reviewer “It has been a while since I read a book this good! I loved how the author intermingled the two love stories, including the resolution of the mysteries in the end. I could not get enough of the stories and was glad that this was actually a complete book – with a very happy ending! The stories gripped my emotions enough to get out the box of handkerchiefs. I can definitely recommend this author, and the very well edited book as an excellent read!” —Amazon Reviewer

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