Emerson Pass - Contemporary #5
November 22, 2022

The Innkeeper

It was supposed to be a night to forget. After a night of sizzling passion, they agreed to never contact each other again. Fate disagreed.

Jamie Wattson has no use for men who leave and as far as she’s concerned, they all do. She’s focused on running her inn and spending time with girlfriends. Life is simple and she wants it that way.

Darby Devillier left California a broken man after his girlfriend and best friend admit to an affair. Betrayed and humiliated, he takes a teaching position in Emerson Pass to start anew. He’s more than a little surprised to learn he already knows one of the residents of the small-town in Colorado. Jamie, the woman who was supposed to be a rebound one-night stand, owns the local inn. But they’re both adults. No problem. They agree to be casual friends and nothing more.

However, everything changes when Darby’s ex and former best friend show up in town for their wedding. What’s a boy to do but agree to a fake engagement to save face? Will the sparks between them become something more as they pretend to be in love?

Don’t miss this fake boyfriend story of love, redemption, and healing that will warm your heart.

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