Stand Alone
October 22, 2017

The Santa Trial

Neither Ryan nor Rena is thrilled about jury duty. He’s a widower with a small daughter who needs him. She’s a struggling single woman who can’t afford to miss a day’s pay. But when they spot each other across the courtroom, suddenly jury duty doesn’t seem like such a burden after all.

Together with their fellow jurors, they must decide the fate of a defendant who believes he’s Santa. It’s a seemingly unromantic task for two infatuated strangers, but love could find a way with a little help from the magic of Christmas. Like a stocking stuffed with all the special treats of the season, this Tess Thompson novella is as sweet as sugar plums and as satisfying as a batch of fresh, warm cookies.

” Coming out just as I need to start thinking about the holidays, The Santa Trial was just what I needed to jump start my holiday spirit. A love story with an obvious holiday twist, easy to read with characters that were easy to root for. The story flowed well from the first chapter to the closing chapter, leaving me a bit over anxious to put up Christmas lights and bake cookies. I highly recommend this easy, enjoyable read whether you’re just discovering Tess Thompson’s books or have read her other stories.” —Amazon Reviewer