The Pet Doctor

on March 2, 2022

Unedited Excerpt Chapter One Tiffany 2001 Under the shade of an aspen, I waited to be summoned. Bees buzzed from flower to flower feeding on sweet pollen. Free to fly, those bees. In the quiet of the warm afternoon, I imagined the sound of their tiny wings. But no, it was more likely the buzz… Read More

Excerpt from The Problem Child

on September 16, 2021

Viktor slowly turned from the window, wearing an expression I’d never seen before. His features twisted into various shapes as if something pained him. What was this? Fear? Wide-shouldered, tall Viktor Olofsson afraid? The man who had bravely saved my sister from her captor without a second thought? Yes. And it was me he feared…. Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Six

on May 18, 2020

Day Six Bronte Dear Ellis, I’m so very sorry to hear that you’ve caught this awful virus. I can’t help but feel slightly alarmed that your doctor won’t even see you. What kind of world are we in right now? I just stared at the computer screen for a good five minutes after receiving your… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Six, Ellis

on May 18, 2020

Day Six Ellis Dear Bronte, I’m sorry it’s taken me all day to respond to your last email. I’m afraid I have bad news. I woke up this morning with a fever and dry cough and all the other symptoms of this virus. I called my doctor and he said not to come in unless… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Six, Bronte’s Journal

on May 18, 2020

Day Six, Bronte’s Journal I haven’t received an email back from Ellis today. Usually I have one in my inbox by morning. I’m vacillating between there’s something wrong or that I said the wrong thing in my last email. It’s been so long since I’m been even close to romance that I don’t know if… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Five, Bronte

on May 18, 2020

Day Five Bronte Dear Ellis, I’m sorry to learn of the death of your girlfriend. I can only imagine how gut-wrenching it must have been to get that news. There’s not much I can say, really, is there? I always wonder what to say when I see posts on Facebook about the death of loved… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Five, Ellis

on May 18, 2020

Day Five Ellis Dear Bronte, Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me. I’m humbled by your vulnerability. I’m not the kind of man who shies away from talking about the real stuff, so to speak. Because of my disability, I’ve spent much of my life isolated from other people. I suppose that’s… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Four, Bronte

on May 18, 2020

Day Four Bronte Dear Ellis, Sigh. Paris. And your parents’ love story. More sighs. Thank you for sharing part of your life with me. I’ve never been to Paris but I’d love to go someday. I always think, ‘next year, I’ll go’. My first choice would be a trip through Europe. But I live on… Read More

Love in Isolation, Day Four, Ellis

on May 18, 2020

Day Four Ellis Dear Bronte, I love typing your name. Someday, hopefully, I’ll be able to sign it to you. This quarantine will end eventually and I’ll take you to dinner somewhere nice and teach you how to sign your name. The most beautiful name for a beautiful woman. I laughed so hard at your… Read More