Stillness in the light of the morning…

on September 12, 2018

Last year my sweet Bonus Son 2 dropped Emerson off at her bus stop and then took Ella and himself to high school. Since he’s about to embark on his college adventure, I lost my driver. Honestly, I was dreading taking over the duty. It takes almost an hour to drop them at school and… Read More

Because she knew she could…

on August 10, 2018

She believed she could, so she did. I’ve been guilty of not celebrating milestones and achievements, too busy going straight to work on the next book. However, upon contemplating this and a few other things this week, like Imposter Syndrome, I decided to try and do a little better. This year has been an explosive… Read More

Jaded: Zane and Honor Released today!

on July 9, 2018

Good morning and happy Monday. If you’re like me you are back to work this morning. I call it #ButtInSeat and it’s the best work in the whole world. When I was a little girl I was that kid with her nose in a book, as I’m sure a lot of you were. I lived… Read More

Passages of time…

on June 16, 2018

Happy weekend to all! I’ve been in #reflect mode this week as my Bonus Son #1 finished his first quarter of college, Bonus Son #2 graduated from high school, and the school year wrapped up for my daughters, Princess 1 and Princess 2. My kids are ages: 19, 18, 15, 12. I’ve been thinking about… Read More

Deleted: Jackson and Maggie Releases May 7th

on May 6, 2018

My latest novel releases tomorrow! This is the book I wasn’t sure I could pull off, but decided to try anyway. The premise is odd to say the least, as evidenced by the opening sentence: “Maggie Keene turned thirty the day she learned she’d been dead for twelve years.” For me, 2018 is about courage,… Read More

No one likes a critic…

on February 27, 2018

Or do they? ​I confess, I do. Sometimes…Any artist will tell you how important feedback is to the improvement of their craft. I went to drama school at USC right out of high school and feedback smacked me hard in the face from day one. I like to think it made me tough, but also flexible… Read More

Cover Reveal Contest!

on January 26, 2018

I’ve been sitting on the cover of TRADED: BRODY AND KARA  for a month now, just dying to share it with the world. Fortunately, my PA and my publicist saved me from myself so that we could do a fun contest and offer up a bunch of prizes. Starting January 26 and running through February 2,… Read More

How Bolinas became Cliffside Bay

on January 19, 2018

Several years ago, a friend sent me an article about Bolinas, California: “The Town That Didn’t Want Company”. That article sparked the idea for a new small town series, “Cliffside Bay Series”. What about a town where the locals don’t want visitors or newcomers? There’s so much material there, right? Characters running from something, or… Read More

Family. Traditions. Legacy.

on November 23, 2017

One of our holiday traditions is making homemade rolls from my mom’s recipe. Years ago, when I hosted my first Thanksgiving as a young woman, she made a copy of the recipe and sent it to me. I pull it out every year on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Her scrawled notes in the margins,… Read More