Your Story

on October 19, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about my brand and my intention. Why do I write fiction? Why do I feel this urge to share my soul on the page? Years ago I heard Oprah speak about intention. She said she sets her intention clearly in her mind before any action, meeting, whatever. Simply put, what… Read More

What about the good men?

on October 17, 2017

​Let me start out with this. #Metoo When I was young and more attractive, I had my share of creeps. A half-dozen instances come immediately to mind. I’ll share a few, just for context. One time, at a work party, a coworker trapped me in an embrace and pressed his erection against me, declaring his affection for… Read More

River Valley

on August 16, 2017

I spent last week visiting family in southern Oregon. As I’ve shared many times, the little town I grew up in was the inspiration for my River Valley books. Each time I’m there, I’m reminded of the way the mountains and rivers are etched into my soul, like tattoos no one can see. One dip… Read More

Father’s Day

on June 18, 2017

Father’s Day, like many holidays for blended families, is complicated in our house. The girls, armed with a blackberry pie and homemade art projects, left this morning to spend the day with their biological father. Cliff and I will spend the evening with the boys making dinner (hamburgers and tater-tots) and celebrating the man that… Read More

The Trellis

on May 30, 2017

It started with a trip to Flower World on Mother’s Day to find a climbing plant for an empty pot in our yard. Three weeks later, we now have a trellis, built by my husband. This is no ordinary trellis. Not because my husband searched Pinterest for ideas and designed and built it himself, but because it represents… Read More


on May 8, 2017

“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness–it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” Brene Brown You know that feeling when you’ve been away for the weekend with friends who feed your soul with their authenticity and vulnerability, and you feel seen and heard and connected? And you… Read More

Riversnow is here at last…

on May 1, 2017

It’s been six years since “Riversong” launched in April of 2011. My personal and professional life have been a lesson of highs and lows ever since. I’m in such a happy place now in my personal life, married to a great man and building a life with our four kids and five cats, one day… Read More

River Valley, Book 5 Naming Contest

on March 14, 2017

Today I start the first draft of the fifth River Valley book. I’m very excited to tell the love story of Liz Teeny and Grant Perry. The only problem is…I need a name. To help me decide, I’m running a contest. Submit your idea, and if your name is chosen, I will name a character… Read More

Butt in Seat Series – That Second Draft

on February 28, 2017

Over the years, writer friends and acquaintances have asked if I would consider doing a series of blog posts on writing. Until recently, I hesitated to do so, mostly because there are so many great writer blogs out there already. I wasn’t sure one more would be of interest to anyone. That said, I’ve decided… Read More