How is it August already?

Hello friends,

I hope your summer is going well and you’ve had a lot of fun time with family and friends. I know some of you already have kids back in school. Mine don’t go back until after Labor Day but the girls start sports this week. For me, summer flew by with two trips to Oregon and writing Scarred: Trey and Autumn.

I’m excited to share the eighth Cliffside Bay book with you. Writing these books has been such a fun and rewarding journey. Thank you for being along for the ride. I hope to get the last two Wolves books in the series done by the end of the year. If the writing muses cooperate, I should be able to accomplish this. Until then, here’s a bit about Scarred: Trey and Autumn. Have a wonderful rest of your summer.

Much love, Tess xo

Calling all Cliffside Bay fans!

Scarred: Trey & Autumn by USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson arrives September 16th.
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For Autumn Hickman, online dating has been an exercise in nothing more than coffee and failure. There simply isn’t a man on the planet who can compare to her best friend, Trey Wattson. And while Trey is everything Autumn has ever wanted in a partner, she knows the man who loves life’s most beautiful things could never cherish anything as scarred and mangled as her.

Trey Wattson is in love with his best friend, but he can’t seem to reach her. She’s guarded, and for good reason, but Trey doesn’t care. He knows Autumn’s soul, and it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Desperate to claim Autumn’s heart for his own, Trey conspires with The Wolves to create a fake profile on the dating site Autumn frequents. But the more Autumn trusts Trey’s online persona, the more it becomes clear that Trey is gambling with the very thing he wants most of all.

Return to Tess Thompson’s beloved Cliffside Bay and discover for yourself why true love is built on honesty and trust, and why best friends often make the very best life partners, in this anonymous online romance set in your favorite charming small town.

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