Tess Thompson Street Team Information

Thank you for your interest in joining my street team. Below is information about how to join and what’s expected. If you’re still interested in joining us, please email my assistant, MaryAnn Schaefer, at m.schaefernm@gmail.com and she’ll get you started.

A street team is a group of readers interested in helping spread the news about my books to other readers. You do this by sharing news, teasers and ‘buy links’ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or whatever social media channel you choose.

I run the team from a closed Facebook group, so you’ll need to have a Facebook account. We have a lot of fun in there – I often post excerpts, giveaways and insights into what inspires me, what I’m working on and other inside scoop.

If you are interested in joining my street team, I would ask that you have read and reviewed at least one of my books in the past. If not, please do so and if you are still interested, let us know.

In addition to Facebook, there are other social media accounts that would helpful to have: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, etc.

Please follow/friend/fan me on any and all of these that you belong to, and share away if so inclined.

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As a member of my street team, please join my newsletter.

The most important way members of my street team can help is by reading and reviewing my books. As a member of the street team, you will receive Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) before the book is released. I ask that you read it then and leave a review as soon as possible. Reviews are able to be posted to Goodreads and BookBub at any time and posting there before release day helps to build word of mouth. Release day is a wonderful time to post your review on Amazon.

All ARCs are given with the understanding that you have received it in exchange for an honest review and we ask that you state that clearly in your review. Emphasis is on the word ‘honest’, of course, but also try and be specific if there are things you particularly liked or didn’t like, as it helps future readers decide whether or not this is the book for them.

Please remember that anything shared within the group is confidential. It’s like Vegas in there – what is said in Team Tess stays in Team Tess.