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 My Book Tribe

My Book Tribe is a fun place where authors connect with readers online! We want to get to know you and chat about our shared love of books—like any other book club with friends.

Our founding authors are Susan M. Boyer, Kay Bratt, Camille Di Maio, Tammy Grace, Grace Greene, Pamela Kelley, Nicola Marsh, Karen McQuestion, Christine Nolfi, Amanda Prowse, Liz Talley, and Tess Thompson.

We keep it lighthearted—no drama—just books and banter here!

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Patio Chat

Please consider joining Patio Chat with me!

I’ll be doing giveaways, talking about my books, hosting author and other interesting people for live FB interviews at least once a month. In addition, I’ll be sharing about my passions – cooking, gardening, music and family.

Basically, think of this as a virtual patio time with friends. I love to host parties, but with fans and friends spread near and far, this seemed like the next best thing.

My vision is for this to be a very dynamic group with tons of interaction with me and other members. You’ll be the first to know about releases and read excerpts.

This will be a KIND and SAFE place to get to know me a little better as well as make friendships with like-minded folks. There will be no talk of politics and the conversations will be family friendly. Want to party with me? Click the link to join, then pour yourself a glass of tea and come out to the patio.

Patio Chat can be found on Facebook

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