Love in Isolation, Day Six, Bronte’s Journal

Day Six, Bronte’s Journal

I haven’t received an email back from Ellis today. Usually I have one in my inbox by morning. I’m vacillating between there’s something wrong or that I said the wrong thing in my last email. It’s been so long since I’m been even close to romance that I don’t know if I’m doing things right. He just seems so genuine that I let my guard down. Maybe that was the wrong thing.

I hate dating. Not that this is dating, really.

I’m so unsure about everything. I wish I could be confident like my mother. She’s currently in the living room messaging back and forth with Clancy, Ellis’s elderly neighbor. Given the way Mom is giggling, I’m guessing he’s old in years only.

Should I write to him and ask if he’s okay? Or, do I just let it go and admit that my usual bad luck with men remains?

It’s nearing dinner and I need to get started. I’m already sick of my own cooking and wish we could order takeout. I don’t want to risk it though.

Ugh. I truly hate this.

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