River Valley, Book 5 Naming Contest

Today I start the first draft of the fifth River Valley book. I’m very excited to tell the love story of Liz Teeny and Grant Perry. The only problem is…I need a name. To help me decide, I’m running a contest. Submit your idea, and if your name is chosen, I will name a character after you or someone you love. The only rule is it has to connect to River, like the other four books in the series: Riversong, Riverbend, Riverstar and Riversnow.

The premise is that Liz and Grant, who were together in their early twenties, but broke up when Grant behaved badly, are forced to spend time together when their work brings them to River Valley. Liz pretty much hates him for breaking her heart, yet she’s never been able to get over him. Grant has always loved her and regrets his mistakes, but knows she will never forgive him. In the ten years since they broke up, they’ve both become successful attorneys. Liz has never married and rarely dates, burying herself in her work. Grant’s recently divorced from “the meanest woman alive” and is hoping to lick his wounds in River Valley. That is, until he runs into Liz.

Send your submissions to: tessthompsonwrites@gmail.com, or in the comment section here on my blog. May the best name win!

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  1. Linda Moffitt says:

    I just sent an email and then thought of some more so there should be two emails from me. 🙂 Thanks for the chance

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