Riversnow is here at last…

It’s been six years since “Riversong” launched in April of 2011. My personal and professional life have been a lesson of highs and lows ever since. I’m in such a happy place now in my personal life, married to a great man and building a life with our four kids and five cats, one day at a time.

I’ve grown tremendously as a writer, and although I’m not where I want to be, we’re steadily building a loyal readership. Beyond sales and sales rankings, I never forget the most important aspect of my work is that I continue to improve, growing that much closer to mastering the craft of storytelling. Creating compelling work that I can be proud of will always be my priority.

​I’m excited to finally have “Riversnow” out in the world. I’ve ruminated on this book for years. Literally, years. When I finally sat down to write it, the story came easily. Well, easily, if you count the three years I tossed it around in my mind. It’s a story close to my heart and one that seems important to tell, especially given the news of late. Men in high positions use their power and money to get away with harassing and assaulting women. As much as we wish it were not so, it is. In “Riversnow” I’m able to seek vengeance for not only my character, Gennie, but for all the real women who have suffered at the hands of cruel and deceptive men.

​I’ve known several women who have endured the same horrific sexual assault as my character, Gennie. They were on my heart as the story unfolded, whispering in my ear – do this one for us. I did.

​Thank you to all my loyal readers and friends. Your support, encouragement and love have meant so much over the years. As exciting as it was six years ago to launch my first book – an experience unlike any other –  it is with a sense of calm and contentment that I release my tenth. I’m vain, you know, so I haven’t particularly savored aging. However, as an artist, the years bring assurance that my craft improves, my soul deepens, my mind expands. Hard work is its own reward. This I know for sure.

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