Stillness in the light of the morning…


Last year my sweet Bonus Son 2 dropped Emerson off at her bus stop and then took Ella and himself to high school. Since he’s about to embark on his college adventure, I lost my driver. Honestly, I was dreading taking over the duty. It takes almost an hour to drop them at school and back home. Traffic is terrible, as there are many schools within a five mile radius. It’s an hour I could be writing or getting housework done. Mostly, I figured the girls would be quiet and grumpy and, you know, teenager like. I imagined sullen quiet.
I was totally wrong.
I *think* they like having me all to themselves for a half hour every day. They talk. A lot. I love it.
The three of laugh and share things about our lives that we might not necessarily think to tell one another if we didn’t have that 20-25 minute car drive every morning.
Then, after I drop them, I crank the music and daydream about my current work in progress.
For me, the key is this.
I just let it go. Time, that is. Yearning to be back at my desk to be ‘productive’ means I miss the respite of twenty minutes alone with music and the beauty of the morning.
I love to see the same scenery every day and notice small changes. Scarlet leaves are slowly replacing green. Today the rain from the night before sparkled in the grasses.
It’s only week two and it’s not dark yet, so I may be complaining by this time next month. Until then, I’m feeling blessed to have this new routine with two of my favorite people and to live in this beautiful place. Yes, even with the road construction.
Sometimes stillness is just what we need. Blessings. xo

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