USA TODAY Bestselling author. Me? Yes!


A dream came true last Wednesday when my husband burst into my home office shouting, “One-twenty-two!” Confused, I thought he was referring to something about our kitchen remodel. Currently, there were four workers banging and drilling in the kitchen. 

He was not referring to an electrical switch. He’d been obsessively refreshing the USA Today site for the week’s listing of bestsellers. My four book bundle of my River Valley books hit the USA Today Bestseller list at 122. 

We were hopeful we might ‘hit’, as we say here in the book biz, but I figured it was a long shot. I was lucky enough to have a Bookbub featured deal on a Tuesday, giving us a better chance of making it on the USA list because of the way they calculate weekly sales. And we did!

The weird thing was that just a month ago my daughter, Ella, told me her friends were impressed when she mentioned to them that I was a USA Bestselling author. I assured her that I was not. Amazon, yes. Nook, yes. But not USA. “I wish,” I said.

And she said, “No, I can remember when it happened, Mom. You showed me the picture on your phone.” We had a good laugh about it and that was that. 

Well four weeks later, it did happen. Now Ella thinks she’s psychic. Maybe she is! I’m hoping she has a vision for a few more items on my goal list. 

One of the best parts about the day was the outpouring of congratulations from author friends, readers and family. My husband texted our four kids the minute we found out and their texts back are precious to me. I hope this success shows them to always keep fighting for their dreams. Hard work and steely determination does pay off.

Equally meaningful were the congratulations from many of my author friends who sent heartfelt notes. There are many of us who’ve come up together, as they say, and know what a struggle it’s been. As if that wasn’t enough, several HUGE bestselling authors I’m lucky enough to know (meaning I’m a fan and stalker) took time out of their busy lives to congratulate me. I shouldn’t brag, but it’s not every day Marie Force sends you a private message. Swoon. You guys know how much I worship her. #WWMD (what would Marie do). But as usual, I digress…

Here’s the thing, my friends. The nearly impossible happened to me. I made the damn list. What’s your takeaway from my good fortune? Well, I guess it’s my usual stuff. Don’t give up. Keep working hard even when it seems impossible. Be humble when it happens. Rejoice in the moment. Then, get back to work. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being happy for me. I feel the love.
Sending it right back. xo

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